Basement Apartments Provide Additional Income


basement apartments

The cost of living in the province of Ontario is going up. This makes it more difficult for the average person to purchase a home. Basement apartments┬ácan be financially beneficial as they provide homeowners with an opportunity to earn additional income. Some homeowners use the income from their basement apartment to supplement their mortgage payments. Elderly homeowners often use the income from their basement apartment to supplement their retirement income. In addition, basement apartments allow parents a way to provide accommodation to adult children Read more “Basement Apartments Provide Additional Income”

Affordable Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom VanityWe all want our bathroom to be a peaceful spot in our home where we can go to relax and refresh ourselves. Ideally a bathroom is both comfortable and luxurious. If you want to update the look and feel of your bathroom but you are on a tight budget, Alert Restoration can help! We specialize in completing affordable bathroom renovations.

Free Consultation

Alert Restoration’s bathroom renovation process begins with a free consultation in the comfort of your home. We’ll┬ádiscuss your renovation needs, style and preferences. Together we’ll come up with a scope of work and material selection that fits your budget.

Bathroom Mold

Because bathrooms have a lot of water and humidity it is common for mold (also spelled “mould”) to grow in them. Adequate waterproofing and ventilation will ensure your newly renovated bathroom remains mold free. Read more “Affordable Bathroom Renovations”

Floods are a Major Cause of Mold Growth

Black mold growth behind drywall

Floods are a major cause of mold growth in residential homes. When there is a flood caused by a rainstorm or a massive snow thaw water enters the house through the roof, cracks in the foundation, or the sewer drain. Some people experience floods in their home due to a leaky or burst pipe or because of a sink/tub overflow.

Drying Prevents Mold Growth

After a flood you need to dry your house and everything inside that got wet as fast as possible. You have about 24 – 36 hours to start the drying process and flood water cleanup before mold (also spelled “mould”) and bacteria begin to grow. If drying is not started quickly, having excessive water in your home will give mold a moist, damp environment Read more “Floods are a Major Cause of Mold Growth”