Basement Mold Prevention Strategies

Basement Mold

It is much easier to prevent basement mold (also spelled “mould”) from growing than it is to remove it once it there. There are many basement mold prevention strategies. I encourage you to learn about these strategies because basement mold is a serious problem! Mold spores contain allergens, irritants, and in some cases toxins. There are many different types of mold. Although not all mold is toxic, all mold has the potential to cause ill health. If that is not enough of a reason to consider basement mold a huge problem, there is another one. Over time basement mold decomposes building materials causing structural damage to houses.

Mold needs a food source and moisture in order to grow. Basement mold is common because basements have many food sources for mold (wood, drywall, etc) and they also have many sources of moisture. To make matters worse, Read more “Basement Mold Prevention Strategies”

Renovating Your Home To Sell

renovating bathrooms

Renovating your home for your own enjoyment and renovating your home to sell are two very different types of projects. When homeowners are planning to live in their house for a long time home renovations are usually personal. Renovation choices are based the family’s needs, style and preferences. When homeowners are renovating their home to sell, renovation choices are based on what they think potential buyers will like. In these situations it is best to chose simple designs and neutral colours that will appeal to a majority of potential buyers. And most importantly, ensure you only invest in upgrades that will increase the value of your house and help it sell fast!

Before making any renovating decisions, compare the condition of your home to the condition of other houses in your neighbourhood. Don’t over spend on designer remodeling if that type of renovating is not consistent with the majority of houses. Because if you do, chances are you won’t recoup Read more “Renovating Your Home To Sell”

Basement Renovation Ideas Are Endless!

basement renovationsFinishing your basement is a great way to add living space to your home! Gone are the days where damp, dark and gloomy basements are used solely for the purpose of storage. Today it is possible to transform your basement into a functional space that is just as warm, comfortable and welcoming as the rest of your home. A place where your family will enjoy spending quality time together. The options for finishing your basement are endless! Alert Restoration would be happy to discuss your basement renovation ideas with you.

Basement Renovation Ideas

When you are thinking of  basement renovation ideas, consider your family’s needs now as well as how they may change over time. Perhaps you have small children and you would like to create a play area for them. Or you may want your basement renovation to include a games room for your teenagers. With telecommuting becoming increasingly popular many people are building a home office. Creating a home gym or Read more “Basement Renovation Ideas Are Endless!”