Basement Finishing Adds Living Space

basement renovationsFinishing your basement adds living space to your home! If you are one of the many homeowners who could use more space in your house, rather than moving you should consider renovating your basement. Gone are the days where the dark and gloomy basement is used solely for the purpose of storage. With today’s renovating techniques every finished basement can be bright and spacious. Alert Restoration has years of experience completing expert basement renovations! We would be pleased to help you create the functional space you need, transforming your unfinished basement into a comfortable extension of your home.

Basement Mold

Alert Restoration begins each basement renovation with a mold inspection. Our mold professions look for signs of moisture and water damage. Stains, cracks in the concrete, condensation or a damp/musty smell are indications of a mold problem. If mold is found Alert Restoration will remove it before renovations start. .

Basement Waterproofing Options

Alert Restoration will also conduct an external foundation inspection to identify if there are areas for concern. Alert Restoration will discuss waterproofing options with you. Some waterproofing options pertain to the outside of the house such as the slope of the ground, gutters and downspouts. Other waterproofing options are related to the inside of the house. For example, some basements will require installation of a sump pump or a backwater valve. In other situations a French Drain may be the best solution to permanently prevent water from entering the basement. You can rest assured knowing that Alert Restoration will discuss the features and benefits of all pertinent waterproofing options with you. It is best to take some water proofing precautions so that your finished basement doesn’t end up flooded by the next large storm!

Basement Finishing Designs

During the design phase of your renovation Alert Restoration will discuss your ideas for the unused space that will be finished. Some people create an exercise area or an activity room for teenagers. Playrooms for toddlers, home theaters, home offices and basement apartments are also options. You can turn your unused space into any type of living area you choose. The possibilities are limitless!

Alert Restoration will work with you to ensure your basement is designed according to your family’s needs, style and budget. Discussions will include conversations about how to use the space, material selection, accessibility, lighting, energy efficiency, sound installation, building code compliance and permits.

Once construction begins, you will have peace of mind knowing that Alert Restoration’s renovation team is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen. Alert Restoration is committed to excellence and will deliver a basement renovation that has superior quality workmanship. Working respectfully in your home Alert Restoration will ensure your renovation is completed as quickly as possible in order to minimize mess and disruption.

At Alert Restoration we know that a finished basement not only adds living space to your home it also increases your family’s enjoyment of your home. If your family could use more space and you are ready to finish your basement contact Alert Restoration. We provide expert basement renovations to customers in Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas. Let Alert Restoration help you turn your renovation dreams into reality!