Barrier Free Bathroom Renovations

Barrier free bathroom renovations

According to a study conducted by HOUZZ, over half of the homeowners over sixty years old would like to remain in their residence indefinitely. If you are one of these people and your bathroom needs remodeling, read on to learn about senior friendly, barrier free bathroom renovations. When a senior friendly bathroom renovation is completed the new bathroom should be healthy, accessible, and safe.

Alert Restoration’s bathroom renovation process begins with a free consultation in the comfort of your home. We’ll discuss your style, preferences and budget. We’ll also discuss your goals for the future with respect to your living arrangements. Together we’ll come up with a plan for your new bathroom that will meet your needs today and as you age.

Bathroom Mold

Bathrooms have a lot of water and humidity so it is common for mold (also spelled “mould”) to grow in them. Mold has the potential to cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Because elderly people are at a greater risk of experiencing mold related illnesses it is important to ensure their new bathroom is mold free. Alert Restoration’s certified mold professionals always conduct a mold inspection before renovations begin. If mold is found it is removed immediately. Alert Restoration also ensures there is adequate waterproofing and ventilation to prevent moisture and mold issues from occurring in the future.

Barrier Free Bathroom Designs

When it comes to barrier free bathroom designs an open concept is recommended. Open concepts create a spacious area that makes it easier to move around with a walker or wheelchair. Gone are the days where “open concept renovations” only apply to kitchens and family rooms. Ontario’s population is aging. As this occurs it is becoming increasingly popular to design bathrooms with one large room as opposed to bathrooms that are segregated into smaller sections.

In order to create a barrier free bathroom it is common to build a large shower area know as a “wet area”. Drainage is installed in such a way that water flows to the drain via gravity. This eliminates the need for a shower curb to contain water. Some wet areas have a shower bench built into them while others have portable benches or chairs installed.

Barrier Free Bathroom Features

There are several different options for bathtubs which work well in a senior friendly, barrier free bathroom. “Walk in” tubs can be purchased and installed. These tubs have a section that can be removed which makes stepping into and out of the tub easier. There are also lifts that can be installed that lower and raise a person in the water.

Other senior friendly, barrier free bathroom features include things such as toilets with higher seats. Vanities and sinks can be custom built so that their height meets specific requirements. Alternatively, vanities with electrically adjustable heights can be purchased and installed. When selecting a vanity for a barrier free bathroom it is best to choose one with drawers instead of cupboards. Drawers allow for easier retrieval of supplies which is helpful for seniors and people with limited mobility.

Barrier Free Bathroom Safety

When it comes to safety one of the most important features to consider is flooring. Bathroom falls are a major cause of accidents among seniors and people with limited mobility. Therefore, it is crucial that non-slip flooring is selected. The floor should also be easy to clean and healthy from an air quality perspective. I recommend installing textured ceramic tiles in a senior friendly, barrier free bathroom. They are waterproof, easy to clean and easy to push a wheelchair. In addition, the texture adds traction which helps to prevent slips.

Grab bars are another safety feature that is beneficial in senior friendly, barrier free bathrooms. They are particularly helpful beside the toilet, in the shower and near the bathtub. There are many other features to consider when completing a senior friendly, barrier free bathroom renovation. Examples are hand held shower heads, dimmer lights, motion detectors among others.

Seniors and people with limited mobility need a well designed bathroom that is healthy, accessible and safe. If you would like to remain in your home as you age and you are considering a bathroom renovation, contact Alert Restoration. We’ll work with you to complete a senior friendly, barrier free bathroom renovation. Let us help you turn your bathroom renovation dreams into reality!